How can the Wings program help?

Wings is designed to make life-changing connections between participants and specially selected community-based service providers who are uniquely qualified to support recovery for youth and young adults experiencing first-episode psychosis. Recovery is the process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.

Recovery is focused on wellness and resilience, encouraging people to participate actively in their own care. All participation in the Wings program is 100% voluntary and participant-driven. This means the participants are in the driver’s seat and are empowered to make their own decisions.

Is there a cost to participants?

Wings services are at no cost to participants.

How to make a referral?

If a youth or young adult you know is showing signs of first-episode psychosis, contact a healthcare professional or complete this Wings referral form to schedule a screening.

The sooner the youth or young adult is properly screened and receives appropriate treatment tailored to their unique strengths and needs, the better the outcomes.

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Who makes up the Wings Team?

Empowering youth and young adults in their recovery is an essential part of the Wings program. Each youth or young adult chooses their Wings Team, which includes qualified, caring, and compassionate professionals who can assist with:



Service as participant advocates to support, guide, and coordinate care for participants, families, and caregivers as they navigate their health and wellness journeys. A Care Coordinator will guide and support participants through their wellness journey through shared-decision making. 


Gain insight into healing and a sense of hope by working with others who have lived experiences of recovery from mental health challenges.


Assist the youth or young adult to take steps to successfully meet their individual goals for education and/or employment.


Provide support, guidance, education, and awareness to help reduce symptoms of first-episode psychosis, manage stress, avoid triggers, and learn coping strategies.


Therapeutic mentoring services to increase self-care and enhance recovery. Services are chosen by participants and range from assisting with increasing involvement in the community to working on managing finances, physical health, or taking care of one’s living space.


Build upon participants’ and their chosen families’ awareness of symptoms, causes, strategies to cope with stress, and the role of the family in recovery to foster empowerment and hope.


Support participants in learning about the benefits and side effects of taking medications, the ability to prescribe medications, and play an active role in helping to monitor and adjust medications as needed.

The Wings CSC program is jointly managed by Forward Learning Youth & Young Adults (FLYY) and Chrysalis in Madison, WI.

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FLYY serves as a catalysis for youth and young adults as they transform their outlook, develop coping skills, and build resilience.

Chrysalis promotes mental health and substance abuse recovery in our community by supporting work opportunities that encourage hope, healing and wellness.